Modern Easter Traditions

Have you ever wondered how we celebrate Easter in England, America, and France?
Keep reading to learn about our modern-day traditions.

Easter egg hunt

Chocolate eggs… do I need to say more?

Whether it is 1, 2, or 10 – nearly everyone has an egg for Easter.

But did you think you could just have one? …… No! You have to find it in the Easter Egg hunt first.

But wait, who hides the Easter Eggs? The Easter egg bunny of course!

Like Christmas, Easter is no longer specifically a religious holiday. England, America and France all celebrate Easter by hiding and eating chocolate eggs!

In England, Easter is a time to indulge in your favourite foods. In both England and France, Easter Sunday is traditionally celebrated with lamb. In England, the lamb is roasted and enjoyed with mushy peas (if you are from the North!) You always know it’s nearly Easter when the supermarkets start selling hot cross buns and Simnel cake (fruit cake with marzipan).

How do you celebrate Easter in your family?

Have a great Easter!


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